FSG Mobile

Essentially a smaller version of FSG Terminal, FSG Mobile retains the modern, attractive yet powerful UI but comes with extra flexibility, specially designed for those on the go. Available in mounted and mobile form, it offers operators various setup options to cater for different customers' needs and casino environment.

Key Features


Less intimidating setup ◦

Play any game, anywhere, any time ◦

Complete privacy ◦

Casino mounted device or personal device ◦

Hot tables at fingertips ◦


Android and iOS ◦

Smartphones and tablets ◦

Supports most 3rd party dealer console ◦

User Interface

Flat and modern UI ◦

Minimalist interface ◦

Concurrent play ◦

Quick switching between tables ◦



◦ Cost effective setup

◦ Floor space optimisation

◦ Higher yield per square feet

◦ Short breakeven duration

◦ Speedy expansion

◦ Low capex and maintenance cost

◦ Increased average game per player

◦ Solution to limited table license

◦ Manpower savings


◦ Interactive bonus feature

◦ Prolonged play and increased revenue

◦ Available in 5 different themes

◦ Prizes include cash, credits, loyalty points

Mini Game Features

The unique Gamification feature drives incremental play, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of the bonus features only found in Slots while playing different variety of casino table games. Available in 5 different themes, Gamification allows operator to launch multiple promotions concurrently and rewards customers with cash, loyalty points or prizes when they achieve the specified turnover.


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  • GLI-21: Client-Server Systems
  • GLI-25: Dealer Controlled Electronic Table Games
  • GLI-26: Wireless Systems Standard
  • Technical Standards For Electronic Gaming Machines Version 1.0
  • Table Game Accounting, Monitoring and Control Systems (MCS) in Casino