FSG Dynamiq

The most robust casino management system yet, the design and development of FSG Dynamiq is centred around casino operators and players. Our exclusive access to casino operators equipped us with essential knowledge, allowing us to offer the best and most relevant product to the industry.

We offer more than managing your gaming operations and performance reporting; we equip operators with the best business intelligence tool to improve operations efficiency and profit while our unique bonusing features boost players' acquisition, retention and drive incremental play − just to name a few.

We have over 30 years of proven track record in international casinos and in highly regulated market. Our GLI certified system is highly secure and stable, consistently achieving over 99.99% machine uptime. This best-in-class CMS adheres to industry best practices, with continuous upgrades and improvements to stay technologically sound and relevant to evolving consumer trends.

More than 13,000 slots and 2,000 tables in Asia, the Americas and the UK are connected to our highly versatile FSG Dynamiq Casino Management System, which is compatible to all major gaming products.



Built−in disaster recovery ◦

Multi−currency transactions ◦

3rd party system integration ◦

Comprehensive audit trails ◦


Real−time machines monitoring ◦

F&B ordering feature ◦

Tournament module ◦

Supports TITO, cashless and hybrid ◦

Compatible with major protocols (SAS, NSW, etc) ◦


More than 10 bonusing features ◦

Highly flexible configurable criteria ◦

Random award and behavioural award ◦

Instant reward and targeted promotion ◦


Bill count, casino chips and cash tracking ◦

Casino collection cycle ◦

Credit and collection features ◦

Anti−money laundering reporting ◦


Table performance and player tracking ◦

Integration with RFID tables ◦

Table accounting and management ◦

Real−time tables monitoring ◦



◦ Membership enrolment

◦ Comprehensive players' record

◦ Card issuance and membership tiers

◦ Area access and restriction control


◦ Casino loyalty program

◦ Multiple points system

◦ Flexible points rate configuration

◦ Targeted marketing


◦ Comprehensive reports

◦ Customisable output

◦ Customisable report parameters

◦ Various report formats

Multi Property Integration

◦ Synchronised customers

◦ Single card across multiple properties

◦ Integrated marketing effort

◦ Hassle free expansion

Business Intelligence

◦ Interactive web−based dashboard

◦ Report customisation and retrieval on−the−fly

◦ Machine performance and player analytics

◦ Detailed drill-down investigative reporting


  • GLI-certified for Philippines
  • GLI-13: On-Line Monitoring and Control Systems (MCS) and Validation Systems in Casinos (Version 2.1)
  • GLI-16:  Cashless Systems in Casinos (Version 2.1)
  • GLI-18: Promotional Systems in Casinos (Version 2.1)
  • Table Game Accounting, Monitoring and Control Systems in Casino Standards (Rev 1.2)
  • ISO 9001:2008-certified