About Us

Incorporated in 2013, FreeStyle Gaming Pte Ltd provides end-to-end gaming solutions, where we are involved in the designing, developing, producing, marketing, distributing and selling of the most innovative gaming system and equipment, ranging from FSG Dynamiq, FSG Terminal and FSG Mobile.

All our products are carefully designed and developed by our team of highly experienced employees with strong casino track records. We want to revive and revolutionise the casino industry, by injecting the latest technologies into the traditional casino games, providing more excitement and thrills to the next generation of casino players.

Spreading across 7 countries and growing fast, our products have consistently performed beyond expectations.

FSG Ecosystem

The FSG suite of products function together to form a holistic casino ecosystem, as we provide an end-to-end solution, ensuring peace of mind and total customer satisfaction.

Highly flexible and designed to comply with the most stringent industry standard, each of our products can also be installed as standalone, or integrated to other 3rd party products in any type of casino environment.

FSG Dynamiq, our versatile Casino Management System, supports a comprehensive list of EGM brands as well as integration with any 3rd party system.

Similarly, both FSG Terminal and FSG Mobile are compatible with all major casino system and manufacturers, where they can easily be connected to existing table setup. This allows operators to quickly take advantage and offer their existing live games on our platform, without the need to increase manpower or cost to set up additional dealer console while offering an extensive range of games to customers.